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MOSS 2007 Content Deployment

MOSS 2007 provides a mechanism to deploy content from one farm to another. This is most useful when you are using the publishing site template to produce Internet sites and allows you to set up deployment schedules for the content that web editors are producing.

First you need to set up a path that tells MOSS what to deploy and where to deploy it to. A job is then created that uses the path and allows you to select specific content and how often it should be deployed.

The first time I ran a job I got an error saying that some lists and libraries already existed and the job failed. This is because you have to deploy to a site collection that was created using the blank site template ie. it has no template at all.

After a site has been deployed for the first time if a site column is removed from a content type then the same column on the destination site collection will also need to be removed otherwise the following error is reported and the deployment fails:

Site columns which are included in content types or on lists cannot be deleted. Please remove all instances of this site column prior to deleting it.

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