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WCM SharePoint utilities

I have created a number of small utility console applications and web parts that are useful for quickly completing a few fairly common tasks - well if you are a SharePoint dev anyway. They are all fairly rough and ready but the project code can be downloaded from the link below if you want to make your own additions/improvements.

These applicatons all have the power to make lots of changes to your site collection very quickly so use them at your own risk - backup your site and always test them in a non-production environment first, you have been warned!

Download projects here

Modify Workflows

Update the properties on approval workflows. This is particularly useful for WCM sites where each subsite has it's own Pages library and workflow by default. This means that once you have a decent sized site collection hierarchy it could take a very long time to go through every site and change the workflows. This app allows you to quickly update properties such as whether users can change who the approver is when submitting a page for approval and whether a single task is assigned to a group. This is a console application so settings are changed through the app.config.

Uncustomize Files

Customized files are the plague of any SharePoint developer who wants to be able to update page layouts, master pages or any other file that makes up a SharePoint site. A customized file is a file that has been modified in SharePoint Designer and is therefore different to the original site definition file that was used when the site was created. A customized file stores it's customizations in SQL so the file on disk is no longer used which means your update of the file on disk is ignored. If you are wondering why your updates are not overwriting the files on your site then it is worth checking to see if the file has been customized. If it has then you will probably want to find out why and what the customization is and then maybe revert it to it's uncustomized state. The UncustomizeFiles console application allows you to do just that.

WCM Control Panel

Quite a grand title for something that at the moment only does two things - if anyone has any ideas for what else they would like to see on a WCM control panel please leave a comment. This web part will tell you how many pages there are in a WCM site collection, something I had hoped CQWP would do but unfortunately not (if anyone knows of a better OOB way of getting this information please let me know in the comments). It will also list out the number of pages in each individual subsite if you modify the web part settings.

The second function this web part has is to Update All Pages which simply checks out every page and then checks it back in then publishes and approves the page. This is a bit of a cheat for people who want to make their content look more up to date than it is for Internet sites where a last updated date is displayed on each page. In reality this is actually quite useful for launch day to be able to create the right impression for users - especially if you have had a particularly long content creation cycle before going live.

These projects can be downloaded here