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Easily import data from CSV and SQL to a SharePoint list

CSV and SQL importer wsp file

This SharePoint feature allows you to quickly import data from a CSV file or a SQL stored procedure to any custom SharePoint list.

Once you have added the solution to your farm and activated it on your site collection an additional menu option will be available on the Action menu of each custom list that will take you to the import CSV or SQL page.

Simply select which option you want - either import from a CSV file or import from a SQL stored procedure. Next, browse to the CSV file or enter the SQL connection and name of the stored procedure and hit the Import button.

There is a check box option to delete all items from the list before doing the import which is not selected by default.

IMPORTANT - the first line of the CSV file must contain the names of the SharePoint list columns you want to import the data to. Eg. If you want to import data into a list that has two columns called Title and Description then the first row of the CSV file will be Title, Description.

If you are using SQL then the stored procedure for the example above would need to be something like: SELECT Title, Description from [TableName]

**UPDATE 16/12/2012 - I have now updated the CSV Upload portion of this feature to work as a SharePoint 2013 Hosted Solution.