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SharePoint 2010 newsfeed is empty

One of the great new features in SharePoint 2010 is the "My Newsfeed" section of My Site.
This is similar to the wall on Facebook and allows you to see the activities of your colleagues such as comments they are making and items they are tagging.
After installing SharePoint 2010 I added a load of colleagues and then sat back in anticipation of a steady stream of activity but nothing happened. Instead the message,  "There are no activities in your newsfeed. Stay connected by adding colleagues and interests." kept on staring back at me.
It turns out there is a timer job that needs to be enabled in order for the news feed to be populated.
This can be found in Central Administration -> Monitoring -> Review job definitions -> [User Profile Service Application] - Activity Feed Job
Simply click on the link for this timer job and set up the schedule. If you want to see immediate results click the "Run Now" button.