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CV Once

CV Once is the answer to your job hunting woes!

When applying for jobs it isn't unusual to send copies of your CV out to 10 or more companies and recruitment agents. This is usually done by emailing a static document like a PDF or Word file.

The downside of this approach is that those 10+ copies of your CV become stale and out-of-date very quickly as you gain new skills and experience.

This is where CV Once comes to the rescue by providing an online version of your CV that companies can access from their own systems so that they always have the most recent version of your CV.

Simply login with your Google or Microsoft account and create your CV. A link is then generated for you that you can give to companies and recruitment agents so that they can keep their systems up to date with the most recent CV you have to offer.

You can even download your own JSON or XML version of your CV to host on your own website or use the API call to display your CV on your own web page.