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Create Dynamics CRM entity mapping for lookup field

When editing attributes on CRM entities it is often necessary to pass that attribute through to the entity in the next stage in the sales process.

For example you add a contact name to the quote entity and you want that contact to be passed through to the order that is created from the quote.

To do this for standard fields it is simply a case of opening the customisation screen for the entity, adding a new attribute and then adding a new mapping to the relevant relationship. In the case of quotes and orders this would be the N:1 quote to order relationship.

Where things become a little bit trickier is if you want to create a mapping between two entities for an attribute that is a lookup. This is because it is not possible to simply add a lookup field as an attribute.

To do this for the case of the contact lookup being passed from quote to order do the following:

  • Create a new N:1 relationship on the order entity. The Primary Entity for the realtionship will be Contact.
  • Give it a display name of Contact and leave all the other fields as default.
  • Click Save and Close - this will have created a new attribute called Contact which we can now use to map the Quote Contact attribute to.
  • Edit the Quote to Order 1:N relationship and add a new mapping between Contact in the source and target entities.
  • Click OK.
  • Now you can add Contact to the forms and views where it needs to be visible.

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