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Generic CSV or SQL data importer for SharePoint list


I finally got bored of rewriting the same console application to move data from a csv or a sql table into a SharePoint list! The result is a generic console application that is capable of importing either a CSV file or some SQL data from a stored procedure. The app uses the object model so it needs to be run on the SharePoint server farm. I may get round to rewriting it using web services at some point. The CSV import parses the file so that things like line breaks and commas within fields are handled nicely. Any blank fields in the CSV do need to be filled using find and replace on blank space otherwise data ends up in the wrong columns.

To import a CSV the first row of the of the CSV file is used to define which columns the data will import to. Eg. A CSV that has one column with a header of Title will import the data into the Title column of the specified list. Modify the App.Config file to include the URL of your site collection, the list name, the path to the CSV and whether or not you want to delete all items in the list before importing.

To import SQL data create a stored procedure that returns the data as the names of the site columns

Eg. Select Name AS Title from tblPerson - will return one column of data that will import into the Title column of a list. Modify the App.Config to include the name of the stored procedure and the SQL connection string and run the app.

You can download the project from the following link:

This application is supplied as is and offers no guarantees feel free to use as you wish all I ask is that if you make any improvements then you share them in the comments or by email.

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