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MOSS developer hint - shortcut for using STSADM.exe

As a SharePoint developer you are going to be frequently using the STSADM tool  deploying solutions, features and all number of other development related activities.

Rather than having to change the directory you are using every time you open up a command prompt there is a much simpler solution that will save you a few seconds everytime you come to use STSADM. We are going to add the path to the bin folder containing STSADM to the Path system variable. This will mean that you can just open up a command prompt type STSADM.exe add your parameters and hit enter - no need to change the directory path first!

To do this go to Control Panel and then System and select the Advanced tab.

Click "Environment Variables"

Under "System Variables" scroll down to "Path"

Select "Path" and click "Edit"

Add "%programfiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\Bin" to the list of paths and make sure it is seperated with a ';'


Click OK three times to close all the windows

Restart your system

Go to Start - Run and type CMD

Type STSADM.exe in the command prompt and you will get the following screen showing that STSADM.exe can now be run without changing the directory path:  

Hope that saves you some time!

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