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SQL 2005 XQuery

I have recently been looking at using the SQL 2005 XML column to store data that will eventually be used to create web pages in MOSS 2007. The first issue I faced was how to get the XML out of the column!

The first attempt involved reading it out as a string and using the System.Xml namespace in C# to manipulate the string, get nodes etc. I felt like there must be a better way and eventually came across the following article on XQuery:

For those that don't want to trawl the whole article the syntax for selecting an XML data point is as follows:


[XML Column Name].query(‘data([path to data point])')

From [Table Name]

So in my specific case this would be:


Attributes.query('data(//product/volumesolid)') as volumesolid,

Attributes.query('data(//product/dft)') as dft,

From Product

Another useful article to understand when to use the XML column in SQL is ‘XML best practices with SQL 2005’ -

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