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SharePoint Learning Kit

I have just downloaded and installed the SharePoint Learning Kit from Microsoft. This is a MOSS 2007 feature that allows trainers to create and manage online training.

As it is wrapped up as a feature it is very easy to install although you may have to alter the deploysolution.cmd file if your central admin web application isn't found at http://localhost.

Once installed and deployed the kit is fairly simple to use. It allows trainers to upload SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and Class Server content to a document library and then assign these training modules to a user.

The user can complete the module and submit it to get feedback from the trainer. As someone who has to train people on SharePoint from time to time I can see this being an extremely useful tool to track who has been assigned which modules and what progress they have made.

The SharePoint Learning Kit can be downloaded here.

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